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RouletteOnly a casino offering roulette is a real casino – that’s how essential an element roulette actually is when it comes to a player’s gambling experience. Yet, although it seems that a casino is missing something once roulette is not on offer, it appears that it is less played than many other online casino games. So is roulette merely a “decoration” or do gamblers actually play it?

Who are the roulette players?

The two principle online forms of roulette are American roulette and French European roulette with the difference that the American roulette wheel contains 38 numbers and the European one 37. In both versions gamblers on the number and colour the ball remain when it stops moving while the wheel spins the other way.

Since roulette is about mere luck, one might say that people playing it either aren’t that bright or simply don’t care much for winning money. But in fact, there are so many people playing roulette that there are even established websites with the sole purpose of providing a platform to discuss roulette bets. Moreover, there are a great many online places offering roulette for free.

So what’s the big deal with roulette? It seems that nowadays people are into roulette mostly because of the fun it offers for players of all ages and sorts. While some gamblers play other games more seriously, they now and divert to roulette for the easy fun it allows for. Furthermore, it can be a nice and easy way to start being active in the world of online gambling if you are a beginner. Thus, it is so popular that some people now have a version of this game at home in order to entertain themselves as well as their guests.
Russian roulette

One version of roulette vastly absent from online casinos is Russian roulette. This is not that surprising given that Russian roulette was traditionally played with the looser ending up shot dead – surely, this would not only be illegal but also rather difficult to replicate online. This said, there may be an alternative way to play Russian roulette online.

For instance, an immense sum of prize money could be offered to the winner while for betting on a wrong number, a player’s entire account could be deleted (“killed”), the money of which would then go to the roulette pot. Now, this could draw gamblers who enjoy taking risks. On the other hand, it is also probably the best way for online casinos to lose their regular players. No matter if such or an alternative idea to include Russian roulette in online casinos will eventually materialize, one thing is certain, it would sure as hell spice up things in at least that area of online casinos.

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