Top Online Sports Betting Sites

There is no shortage of decent online gambling websites enabling you to bet on sport events. Beware though – in order to guarantee the best possible experience, choose wisely and go only for the very best providers. This is not always easily determined without some considerable prior trial and error process.
To save you time and effort, we have tested a vast array of websites. Consequently, we have put together a list of the best sites (see below). So if you are up to starting your gambling experience right now, this is the place to start. You will also find more information at the bottom of this page about our testing and recommendation procedure. Finally, note that we have ranked those websites in several different categories.

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Sports betting online can be a far more convenient option than making a trip to your local bookmakers, and there is plenty of choice when it comes to online gambling sites where you can open an account. Some sites are associated with household names from the bookmaking industry, who also have bricks and mortar betting shops, whereas others are online only ventures.

To help you choose which site is right for you from the wealth of different sports betting options out there, we have created our list of the top sites for online sports gambling. Of course, different things matter to different gamblers, so here are some of the things you might want to consider when you are deciding who to open an account with:

Range of Sports and Competitions Available

One of the great things about doing your sports betting online is that it can be easier to find good odds for things not all local bookies can offer. If you, for instance, like betting on a sport that is more popular in another country, for example American football, baseball or volleyball, you will find it far easier to do over the internet. This is also the case if you want to bet on more obscure leagues or competitions, or on things like horse or dog races that take place in other countries.

If you are especially interested in a specific sport, country or league, or regularly bet on more obscure events, then it is a good idea to check that any site you might join offers the bets you want.

As well as sports, a lot of online bookmakers will also take bets on other things, like the outcomes of elections, the weather (like the classic ‘white Christmas’ bet in the UK), and even reality TV shows. Another thing some bookmakers accept bets on is the outcome of things like the Irish lottery. In this case you are not actually playing the lottery itself, but making a bet with your bookmaker about the numbers that will come up – meaning you actually get fairer odds than you would by buying a lottery ticket. If you find gambling on things other than sport entertaining, it is well worth looking for the online bookmakers who offer plenty of other fun bets like these.

Types of Bet Available

As well as the matter of what you can bet on, you should also look for bookmakers online who take the kind of bets you like to make. Whether you like to do particular combination bets and accumulators, or you are interested in making special bets on things like football matches (for instance betting on a certain number of corners, or a specific event occurring like a given player getting a yellow card), then look for a bookmaker who offers the kind of thing that sounds appealing to you. Interesting or complicated bets can be a lot of fun and reap big rewards, so if simply trying to predict a winner doesn’t grab you, you can find some great options online.

Ways of Depositing and Withdrawing Money

From the practical perspective, you are going to want to choose an online sports betting provider who offers your preferred means of adding funds to your account to bet with, and of course withdrawing your winnings.

As you might expect, there are lots of different ways you can do this, including online payment systems like Skrill and PayPal, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and in some cases even cheques. However, not all bookmakers accept all methods, and there are often different lead times for you to receive a payment depending on which option you choose (for instance, if you withdraw by PayPal it may take only 24 hours with a given site, but may take a week by bank transfer).

Once you know which methods you are likely to use as your main ways of getting money into and out of your online sports betting account (and you may choose to use more than one method), you should look for sites that not only offer your payment method of choice, but also offer convenient terms and lead times for it.

Incentives and Rewards

Because there is a lot of competition in the online betting market, sports betting companies often offer really appealing incentives both for new customers, and for regular users. These can be things like free betting credit, free bets on certain events, and loyalty rewards. Look out for sites with good value incentives, and who seem to look after their loyal customers.

Sometimes, new member incentives are granted automatically to all new users, whereas in other cases you need to use a special code you can find online to activate the bonus credit or unlock even better incentives.

Other Gambling Options on the Site

While some sports betting sites only offer this style of gambling, many are also part of a wider network of gambling sites. This can mean that if as well as placing your sports bets, you may like to play online casino games, poker or bingo, you can often do so with the same membership account. Some sites will even let you share your account balance between the different gambling areas of the site, so if you use more than one regularly, this can make managing your gambling bankroll a lot easier!

Mobile Features

If you like the idea of being able to very easily interact with your betting account on the go, then look out for sites that have well designed mobile apps. These can allow you to place bets quickly and easily and check if you have any winners from your phone or tablet, without having to go on the site itself. This can be a nice thing to have even if you usually set up your bets on your computer, but can also allow you to more easily do things like in game betting where it is offered.

Check out our pick of the best sports betting sites on the web, and look for the one that offers just what you are looking for!

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