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Due to the enormous amount of online casinos, players can easily be overwhelmed when intending to play online casino games. The quality of most of them is rather high and most tend to be fun and safe, given one manages to avoid the few foul apples among them.
This said, you shouldn’t just go with the first casino one encounters but instead try to find the one best suited to your needs. In case you are looking to start playing somewhere immediately, take a look below at our top online casino recommendations.

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If you want to play online casino games, there are plenty of great sites out there. We have tried and tested the casino sites available to help you find the right one for you. With so much choice out there, it is a good idea to check out these listings before you decide which casino to join. Not only do different sites offer different games and ways to win money, they also have other differences in their terms and conditions that can make one site a better option for you than another.

What Kind of Games Do Online Casino Sites Offer?

Casino websites aim to offer their users the same sort of experience you can get in a bricks and mortar casino, on demand. This means that you will find a wide range of games, including casino classics like roulette, blackjack and slots. You will find that most sites offer a range of games depending on how much you want to bet each time, and whether you want to play for small, regular wins or big, sometimes life changing jackpots!

As well as choosing a casino site that has the casino games you are most interested in playing, and which has prizes and stakes that suit the gambling you want to do, you should also bear in mind some of the other differences between casino sites when you are deciding on a site to join:

Deposit and Withdrawal

When you join any gambling site to play with real money, you should check that they accept your preferred way of adding money to your account to use as stakes, and to withdraw winnings. There are lots of ways you can do both of these things, including credit and debit cards, cheques, bank transfers, and online money systems like PayPal and Skrill. Different sites accept different deposit methods, and offer different ways to withdraw funds. You may also want to have more than one option open to you on your account, perhaps if you prefer to add funds by PayPal but would prefer your winnings paid out by bank transfer.

Not only do different casino sites have different ways you can manage your money, sometimes different lead times apply for different options. You may find that one casino site will pay out your winnings instantly if you choose to use PayPal, but takes longer if you use a debit card. Know which options you are most keen to use, and make sure the site you choose offers the most convenience for that option.

Keep in mind that whatever site or payment options you pick, it is often the case that the first payouts will take longer to process than routine payouts will when you have had your account for a while. This is because casino sites are subject to regulations that may require them to make some additional verifications before releasing money to new account holders.

Minimums and Maximums

Another matter to consider when you are choosing a site is what its minimum and maximum stakes are for the types of games you like to play. If you prefer to play with very small amounts of money, then you should also look at the minimum threshold for withdrawing your winnings. If it is high, and your bets are low, it may take some time to reach it and gain access to your cash, so low stakes gamblers should look out for sites with low minimums for both bets and withdrawals.

If you are a high stakes gambler, you may prefer to look for sites that offer special benefits and additional, interesting games for ‘high rollers’, as well as sites with high bet maximums.

Other Styles of Online Gambling

You may primarily want to play casino games, but if you think you may ever want to try some of the other options like online poker or bingo, or place any sports bets, then it can be worth considering this. Many online casinos are part of larger gambling networks which offer these things, and so if you’d like to have the option to use them too, it pays to pick one of these. It can also be a good idea to choose a site that lets you share your funds between their casino and other areas like sports betting and poker, so you have the convenience of managing just one balance.

Even if you only put a bet on a few times a year or are considering learning to play poker at some point in the future, it can be much more convenient to think about this when you choose a casino.

Perks, Rewards and Offers

One other deciding factor when it comes to picking the best online casino for you is the type of offers, incentives and rewards they give their users. Most online casino sites give some form of incentive to keep playing on their site. In much the same way that brick and mortar casinos may ‘comp’ you food, drinks and hotel rooms.

Many offer introductory offers, for example bonus credit to go with your initial deposit so you have more funds to play with as you get to know the site, or free plays on certain games so you can give them a try. Sometimes, you get these offers just for signing up and making your first deposit, however in other cases you may need to redeem a special offer code to get your introductory offer.

Of course, the introductory offers are just a one off thing, and so it also pays to look at what kinds of other incentives a site gives its regular users. Some sites offer loyalty based reward schemes, others will offer occasional incentive bonuses for certain things like new games. If you anticipate using the site regularly and sticking with them as your long term casino game provider, checking out the kind of perks they have in place for established users is a good idea.

Choosing a site that meets your needs will make your experience with online casinos more convenient, more rewarding, and more fun, so check out our listings to find the right site for you!

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