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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. Even though it is known for its simple rules, it is played by experts who are able to make significant money at each sitting. You can join these more serious players, by learning some basic steps that will transform your approach to each hand. Read on to find out how blackjack is normally played in casinos and how you can become a skilled player.

The beauty of blackjack is in its simplicity. It is a game that anyone can learn, and you can turn this to your advantage by getting ahead of other players in terms of your knowledge and skill level.

Here’s how blackjack is played in casinos worldwide:

1 – Bets are placed

You decide how much you would like to bet on the next hand, and you put your chips onto the table. This signals to the blackjack dealer that you are in the game. The minimum amount you are required to join a hand varies from casino to casino; if you are a beginner it is advisable to avoid tables with opening bets higher than five or ten dollars.

2 – A card is dealt

The dealer gives a card to all of the players who have placed a bet.

3 – A card is dealt for the dealer

This is an important strategic moment in the game. The card the dealer places on the table for himself is face up, so you can instantly judge what kind of hand he is likely to have. Every player can see this first card and will be making similar judgements to you.

4 – Another card is dealt

Each player receives a second card. This is also an important moment, as it will largely dictate the kind of hand you will end up with. With this is mind, and without giving anything away to your fellow players, you must decide whether to ask for another card.

5 – Additional cards are dealt

The dealer now asks each player individually if they would like to receive more cards. If a player decides to accept another card, the dealer will ask the question again. He will keep giving cards to a player until the player indicates that he does not want any more cards. At this point the dealer moves on to the next player, and the process starts again.

6 – Additional cards are dealt for the dealer

After all players have finished receiving cards, the dealer plays his own hand. He has to deal cards until his hand has a value of 17 or more. Once this value is reached, he must stop dealing.

7 – All hands are revealed

The dealer reveals his hand and asks the players to do the same, one by one. Depending on who has won the hand, the dealer then collects the chips for the house or pays them out to the winner.

Now that you know the blackjack process, follow these

Three vital tips to increase your chance of winning:

1 – Don’t aim for 21 every hand

Blackjack is also known as 21 because the aim is to achieve a value of 21 with your cards. However, if you try to reach the top score on each hand you will decrease any statistical advantage over the dealer and the other players. The odds of reaching exactly 21 are low, but the odds of reaching a score of 17, 18, 19 or 20 are high, as there is more margin for error. A score of 18 can often win the hand, especially if the other players are always targeting 21.

2 – Aim to beat the dealer

The main advantage you have over the dealer is that you know he must stop dealing cards when he reaches a score of 17 or over. These are the rules he must abide by, unlike the players. Once you become more experienced you can use this fact to better predict the score he will achieve after revealing his first card. You know that he must take a card if his score is 16, which increases his chance of going bust by getting a score over 21.

3 – Look carefully at the dealer’s first card

Although this is discussed above, it is important to emphasise it as a separate point. If the dealer’s first card is low (with a value of 2 to 7) you should aim for a higher value in your own hand. If his hand is 8 or above he is more likely to go bust if he has to take another two cards. You may be safer sticking at a value of 16 or 17 for your own hand. This is a very general rule, and does not apply to all hands. Blackjack will always have an element of chance, and you must play each hand responsibly and with this fact in mind.

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