Avoid Common Video Poker Mistakes

The strategic details of video poker can make it a pretty complicated game but, in fact, most major mistakes made in this game are not due to that but rather a few basic misunderstanding with regards to the relevance of some parts of this game. This article aims to clarify these misunderstandings by laying out the prime errors made as well as a few easy ways to avoid them.

To begin with, game selection is one of the most common major mistakes. With over 20 types of video poker offered by some online casinos, a player can be tempted to pick those that are perceived as most interesting at the given moment. This is a mistake and more research into the game’s payout rates should be conducted to narrow down the list of what games really are the most attractive ones. This will still leave a large enough selection of games, while keeping you from playing games with bad payouts and, ultimately, saving you a decent amount of money.

Secondly, often video poker players focus on complicated games, such as Deuces or Joker wild, rather than those that are easily learned. Of course, that may be just the thing you are looking for. However, if you are rather in for some video poker to making some solid profits, then you should focus on online poker games that allow for an easier way to play effective strategies. So maybe avoid playing wild card games for now with the exception of standard kings or better yet, Joker Poker.

Third and last, a common and unnecessary mistake is to play a game with less than five coins. It is understandable that you may not wish to play for $5 per hand. However, in this case we advise you to move to alternative machines where you can use smaller coins. This way you will receive a significantly higher payout rate, while maximizing your winning chances.

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