Top Strategies for Online Soccer Betting

One of the most popular sports to bet on in this day and age is soccer. There are so many matches taking place every day across the world that there is always something to bet on. There are also countless markets out there that you can utilize, so you are never going to be short of choices when it comes to deciding what you should bet on.

There are many different strategies that are involved when it comes to online soccer betting. There is no one size fits all approach, many different tactics and strategies can prove fruitful if they are employed into the long run.

In this article you will learn about a few key strategies that are being used by experienced punters to make nice profits from online soccer betting.


Don’t forget about betting on a team not to lose

One of the aspects that is often forgotten when it comes to online soccer betting is that you can bet on a team not to lose as well as on a team to win or draw. Most people focus on match winner bets, but don’t think about the alternative all that much.

This bet is often called Double Chance. This is where you don’t even have to have your team to win in order to get a pay-out from the bookies. This is because you can bet on two outcomes of the same bet for your selection to win or draw the game.

If you figure that a team is very unlikely to lose a game, this might be the best approach that you will take.

The odds of course will be lower than if you were simply betting on them outright to win, but this form of insurance is a great way to protect against a potential downside.

In some circumstances a team might be just playing for a draw, whether it is because they only need a certain amount of points to qualify from a group stage etc. If you do your research well, you can correctly identify these types of teams.

Another circumstance in which this bet could be the right option is when the leading goal scorer of a team is out missing, whether it is through injury, suspension etc. Some clubs are overly reliant on one or two goal scorers, so if they are missing they may struggle to score but their solid defense helps them to not concede.


Bookmakers often mis-price certain markets

As there are such a sheer number of soccer markets to to set each and every hour of the day, it can become a process that becomes tiresome for the sport trader making the price, which can often lead to price mismatches and value opportunities for you the bettor. Many times when it comes to the win/draw markets, the bookmaker will not tweak the odds enough to reflect the change in the real odds on display. If you spot a price mismatch, you can taker advantage of it by betting on one side or the other, or even laying a team if the bookmaker allows it.

By using your superior information and spotting these price mismatches in the long run you will be creating more and more opportunities for you to dominate the house and get an edge over them in terms of profits.


Bet on teams that know how to score goals

While this may sound like common sense to a lot of people, it still needs to be said. If you are planning on risking your money on a certain selection, you need to go with a team that you know will score goals.

Team that have a poor average scoring record should be largely avoided as they can never be entirely dependable for your bets. There is nothing worse than backing a team heavily only for them to fail to score a single goal. Their matches will be unpredictable and lucky goals scored against them will ruin your bet, as well as boring scoreless draws.

Certain weak teams give up amazing amounts of goals, so you want to identify a situation whereby an average team, at least is playing at home against a team that is terrible away.

Usually the home side will have odds of less than Evens. If you can spot a situation whereby the visiting team has a very good away record, you may be able to make some decent profit off the bet.


Identify Standout Home or Away Records

Playing at home is usually a large advantage in most matches, no matter what sport it is. This is thanks to the familiarity of the surroundings as well as the thousands of fans screaming in your favour. Even the top teams tend to struggle somewhat away for home. Bookies obviously know this, but there are certain exceptions to this rule.

Certain teams are not it in the pattern and will not perform well at home. Certain teams for some reasons play better when they are away. They might feel excess pressure from fans or they may try different tactics or playing styles which can often be more fruitful.

Some teams even score more goals at home but win more on the road. This is down to employing a more defensive strategy and hitting teams for a goal on the counterattack. As bookmakers set the odds with the home team in advantage, there is an opportunity for you there. Value is often available and you need to take advantage of it.


Betting on the draw

In terms of popularity, the draw is not near the top of the list. It is a lot more enjoyable when you are shouting for one or the other team to win. However the draw pays out nicely, so it is an option that needs to be considered when it comes to online soccer betting.

Identify a match where two evenly matched teams are going to have a tough time breaking through each other’s defenses. Decent mid-level teams at home against top tier visitors are a good filter to have.

The visitors will have the equality to avoid losing, but will also struggle to score against a decent home team. Both teams will usually be happy to settle for a draw where the money is there to be won by yours truly.

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