Try Out Some of These Proven Bingo Strategies

Online bingo popularity has exploded in recent years and every day more and more people are signing up for accounts on online bingo sites. As a online bingoresult, the scene has become a lot more competitive, with online casinos competing with one another to offer the best deals in terms of game selection and prizes. This is all good news for the bingo player, as they are getting a great service, as well as great incentives.

This has led to many great opportunities for you to make nice profits when you have a good plan in place. When you factor in the progressive jackpots, there is an extreme amount of potential for you to win a nice chunk of change from online bingo.

Certain strategies over the years have been debunked as being superstitious or not fool proof, but there have been some that have yielded consistently solid results and they can be seen below.

Granville’s Strategy

When it comes to bingo strategy, the prominent name you will hear again and again is that of Joseph E. Granville. He is a maths analyst that became extremely popular as he devised a number of highly successful strategies when it came to the stock market.

After doing well there, he started to focus on the enjoyable game that is bingo. He utilized the mathematical equations and systems that he had previously done so well with on the stock market and tailored them towards bingo. Whether you are playing online or locally at a bingo hall, he showed that there is more than luck involved when it comes to making consistent profits in the game over time.

While regular players simply assume that the numbers generated in bingo are completely random, Granville produced a study of random numbers that disproved this belief. He found that there is still a way of finding patterns with random draws of numbers.

As an example, if you are looking at a 75 ball game of bingo, the probability of a number being drawn first out is going to be the same at 1 in 75. As soon as the first ball has been picked out, then the odds for each subsequent draw is going to alter.

This led to the identification of three distinct patterns that emerged during these draws of random numbers.

  1. There is always going to be the same amount of number that end in 1s, 2s, 3s etc.
  2. There is always going to be some form of balance between the even and odds numbers that are picked out.
  3. There is always going to be some form of balance between low and high numbers that are picked out.

Putting these things into practice when playing online, these results indicate that as opposed to what you may have previously thought, the selection of your car is in fact very important. This is due to the fact that thanks to probability laws, there is going to be a significant tendency for numbers that end in 1, end in 2, end in 3 and so on being called. Therefore by purchasing a card that has a bigger range of different final digits, you will have an improved chance of winning. As an example, if the very first ball that is picked out is N-31, then the chances of the next ball that is picked out also ending in 1 is going to be less due to the fact that there are not as many balls left with a final digit of 1.

Looking at progressive jackpots

Many of the big online bingo sites run huge progressive jackpots whereby millions worth of prizes are on offer. This means that they are very lucrative and winning one could be a life changing moment. A progressive jackpot means that the more players who enter into the draw, the higher the prize range is going to be.

This is why you want to take note of when the busy periods are for these jackpots and check how many players are online at that moment in time before purchasing your ticket for the jackpot. This maximizes your chances of winning large and justifying their purchase of your ticket.

This is also a great way to choose between different online bingo sites, as you want to go for the ones that are more popular at the times of the day and/or week that you are going to be online. There is no point being registered with the most popular casino in the world if the majority of the player base is online at times in which you are not.

Selecting Cards

As has been shown previously, the greater the spread is when it comes to your bingo ticket, the better your chance of winning will be. This is why you should always try to choose your own card whenever possible as opposed to just relying on luck of getting a good card. Obviously when you buy more cards in this manner, you are going to widen your range of potential winners even more.


The majority of people who play bingo, whether it is online or in their local bingo hall will not be aware that there are ways in which you can tangibly improve your chances of winning. This is something that can give you an edge over everyone else.

As you will probably have seen from other articles, the way in which the top players win consistently over time is by having some form of edge over the house or against their fellow players. Anything that stacks the odds more in your favour than others is something that needs to be taken advantage of.

Now you are armed with this strategy, you should put it into practice and see how well it works for you. While it isn’t going to guarantee you anything, you are certainly going to have a better chance of winning at bingo and having an increase chance of winning big with a progressive jackpot.

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