Pros And Cons Playing Live Dealer Online Casino Games

One of the most recent developments in the world of online casinos has been the use of live dealer games. Whether they are blackjack, roulette or poker, they allow players to have a more personalized experience when they are playing, as they will be interacting with real life dealers in real time.

Some people even think that this improves their game as they are not relying on a computer that is randomly generating cards for you.

Whatever the case may be, the jury is still out as to whether they are better than playing the usual online casino games.

In this article, we will look at the main pros and cons associated with playing in live dealer online casino games.


Real life experience

Many people who play on online casinos will not have a real life casino close by to where they are located. This means that they need to use online casinos to play their favorite games, but they may prefer the live, in person experience.

As you can see the dealer spinning the ball or dealing the cards, you may be a lot more comfortable with your surroundings rather than having a computer deal you the cards for you. It gives it a much more authentic feel. Many people prefer this more personal touch and the dealer will often use your actual names when they are talking with you.

You can chat with the dealer

One of the great things about playing casinos games in the flesh is that you get to interact with other players and the dealer at your table. With live dealer online casino games, you have the ability to chat directly and interact with the dealer. This is a great way to enhance your overall experience, as well as potentially learn something new or hear a funny story.

You can play live games form the comfort of your couch

No longer do you have to dress up and drive many miles to get a real live casino experience. Instead you can sit on your couch or even lie on your bed and still get a very similar experience.

There is nothing better than being comfortable in your surroundings when you are playing, as you can fully focus on the task at hand without begin distracted by all of the flashing lights, drunken customers and loud music that will be present in a real life casino.

Take advantage of some unique bonuses

Most land based casinos will not run regular bonuses or promotions for their games. Online casinos will have all sorts of deals, including deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses. These will add up over time and are a great way to build up your stack in the long run.

Some people find them more trustworthy

Some people are uncomfortable playing casino games like blackjack and roulette online as they feel that the randomly generated programs that deal the ecards are stacked against them.

There is sometimes a lack of trust that a player has in the system they are playing on. These people would much prefer seeing the cards dealt by a real human dealer that they can observe through the casino webcam. This is why casinos started to implement the live cams of dealers, as they were able to entice even the moist sceptical of players into their online casinos and get them playing regularly.

Trustworthy casinos will never have any issues with regards to trusty random number generators, as they are regularly audited and check upon by the regulators to ensure that all of their games are fair and not rigged in anyone’s favor.


These live games may often be slow

A lot of the time when you are playing live games, the other players at the table may be slow. This could be for a number of reasons, such as they are multi-tasking by watching television at the same time or they have a poor internet connection. While there is always a time limit in place, this can still cause quiet the delay.

Many people prefer online casinos as the speed of play is a lot quicker. If you are playing poker for example, you can play more than ten times as many hands when playing online than in a real life casino, as there are strict time constraints put in place on players, as well as there being the ability for you to play multiple tables at the one time. Online live dealer card games are effectively the same in terms of speed as real life casino games.

There can often be capacity problems

As these live online casino dealer games have become more popular, it has caused certain capacity issues at times with certain online casinos. All of the tables on a given day for a specific game may be full and you will have to wait in line to get your chance for a seat at the table. This only applies to card games, as there can be as many players at the roulette table, there are no restrictions.

Usually the card games will have tables of six or seven players, but many of the leading casinos will allow you to pay slots or other games when you are waiting for a seat at a table.


Having assessed both sides of the coin, you can now make up your own mind as to which option you prefer – playing casino games with a live dealer or just continue using the computer generator to deal the cards for you.

The main trade-off consists of having a more authentic playing experience versus the speed at which you can play your games. Some players may not want to sacrifice any speed that the computer generated games have, whereas others will enjoy the more relaxed, enjoyable and real life experience that the live casino games provide you with. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on which you prefer.

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