What You Need To Know About Profiting From Football Betting

Football Betting

Sports betting can be a fickle thing that takes a bit of experience and practice to be able to make consistent returns from your bets. If you fail to learn from your losses and wins alike, you will only have mediocre performances over the long run.

People who like football betting tend to have an in depth knowledge about the topic, as they watch many games every week, whether it is their favorite teams or some of the best teams in the world. When you watch something so much for so many years, you start to pick up patterns as to when teams are playing well and when they are due a good performance, likewise with individual players.

To make profit over the long term in any form of sports betting is by stacking the odds in your favor by accumulating all the knowledge you have on a given fixture and players and bring it together to make a value bet.

Here are some of the most important aspects of football betting that you need to be aware of and start implementing into your overall sports betting strategy.

The beauty of in-play betting

Perhaps the purest form of football betting is placing live bets. This allows you to be a lot more confident about your selections, as you are able to see how they have started the game and how confident or on form they look on that particular day. Often time form goes out the window as soon as a game starts and this is a great way to gauge it before placing your bets.

It does take some time to perfect your in-pay betting skills, but when you do, you will never look back. When you only do pre-match betting, you are handing the edge back to the bookmakers, as they have a highly experienced team of odds setters who utilize complicated algorithms and take into account all information before setting their odds.

This means that it can be very hard to get a decent edge on them in advance of a game. However, once a match starts, the odds setters have to make decisions quickly based on real time information, which can lead to mistakes and inevitably you will get very good prices for certain bets. This means that when you having a winning selection, your return will be maximized.

You also don’t have much information about what players are starting or those who got injured for example in the last training session before a game if you bet on a fixture too far in advance. There is a fine balancing act between getting good value for your bets pre-game when you bet at least 24 hours before the game and having a lot of information and betting right before kick-off.

How to deal with accumulators

One of the favorite types of bets that football punters use is the accumulator. This is a bet that combines numerous different selections together into a single bet. This allows you to get massive odds from a low stake. You will likely have heard of people winning hundreds of thousands from a tiny stake after their 12 team accumulator was successful. While this is a very attractive form of betting on the surface, you do need to take some precautions.

As there are more selections, the level of risk is higher because there is more of chance of your bet losing. Very often people find that with their football accumulators, it is usually only one or two teams that let their whole bet down.

This is why it is a good idea to find those bookmakers that offer some form of accumulator insurance. This means that even if one or two legs of your accumulator lose (depending on which bookmaker you use), you will still get paid out on the rest of your bet or have your stake refunded depending on the offer at hand.

Stick to what you know

Football is by far the most popular sport on the planet and the range of games and markets you have at your fingertips to bet on reflects this. You can bet on the third division Bolivian league if you wish to. This means that people try to place loads of bets on teams even if they know nothing about them, just by looking at their statistics.

While statistics are very important in any decision you make, they should not be the be all and end all. If you are serious about making consistent profits from football betting, you need to know something about the team you are betting on and against.

Exotic games usually do not have as good of a quality of information available on them and there can often be certain levels of corruption depending on the region. This is why you should always stick to what you know and you have the best knowledge about.

Carefully choose your markets

Everyone who bets on football will most likely have certain markets that they prefer over others. This could be goal scorer markets, corners, cards or assists. Whatever it may be, you need to evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If you have been doing football betting for a while now, it is a good idea to go onto your most commonly used bookmakers site, log in to your account and search through your history to see how you have performed on different markets.

Add them together in a list and see which ones have been making good profits and those which you have not had much success with. You may be surprised at what you discover. Having said that, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out all of the different markets, as you never know which one you will find a knack for.

This is why record keeping is so important. In the past, you would have to record all of your bets by hand if you wanted to analyse and keep track of them, but thanks to online sports betting, these stats can be found with just a few clicks on your account page.

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