Maximize Your Chances Winning Online Poker

Whether you are an experienced poker player offline or you are a complete beginner to the game, online poker can poker onlinepose quiet the challenge for someone who has little to no experience of it in the past. There are so many different game types, settings and monetary values that it can become quiet confusing if you do not know what it is that you are doing.

The main fundamentals of poker stay the same when playing online, but there are a few key changes in terms of general p[laying styles and other variables than you would experience in live events. This means that you cannot exactly replicate your strategy for offline poker events when playing your online games. You will need to develop and transition into this new way of playing.

Thankfully, here are some very useful pointers on how you can do just that.

Start off with lower stakes games

When you first come into playing online poker, it can be very tempting to see the large amounts that are available to win in higher stakes tournaments or cash games and try and dive in head first. This is usually only going to lead you down a path where your bankroll is pretty much instantly dried up as you can only buying a certain amount of times before going bust with higher stakes.

Even if you are a high stakes player offline, you should start out with the lower stakes online in order to learn the ropes and discover the ins and outs of playing poker online.

If you are a beginner, smaller stake sis the best way to become acquainted with bankroll management and learning how to properly pick and choose where they spend their cash. If you make mistakes and lose often when starting off, the losses will be a lot easier to absorb and you will still have a good chunk of your bankroll left to play with.

This takes a lot of the stress out of your sessions and will set you up for the long term goal of maximising the amount of profits you make from online poker.

One thing to note is that the competition you will be facing in online poker will usually be a lot tougher than the competition you would be facing usually offline at the same stakes levels. This is due to the fact that there are so many people worldwide playing on these online poker sites, with many of them doing it as a full time job, grinding out the lower stakes tables multiple tables at a time.

Make sure you get to know the nuances of online poker

When you log in to online poker during your first few sessions, you will still be getting used to all of your surroundings. Certain aspects such as the time bank, rake back offers, bonuses and the number of hands per hour can take a lot of getting used to.

The main difference when it comes to the playing of online poker versus offline is the volume of hands that you will see in an hour. If you are playing offline, the number of hands you will see is low in comparison, usually half of what the number of hourly hands would be when playing online.

This can be somewhat overwhelming to beginners, as they are forced to make their mind up a lot quicker than they would if they were playing offline.

Only play one table at a time

As opposed to live poker where you can only physically play at one table at a time, the world of online poker opens up so many additional opportunities to you. You can play a nearly unlimited amount of tables at any given moment in time, with many of the top professionals having a few dozen open on multiple screens and quickly reacting to what they see in front of them.

However, if you are a beginner you need to resist this sort of temptation and instead focus on one single table at a time. You should put in the groundwork and learn how to win consistently on one table first. If you were playing on multiple tables, you will just be losing twice as fast if you are not experienced enough. When you reach a sufficient level of confidence when it comes to one table, then you can move over to multiple tables at the same time.

Make sure that there are no distractions

As you will not be playing at a table at the casino with all of your focus on the task at hand, there are many more distractions when you are playing poker online. In between hands, it can be very tempting to start finding ways to distract yourself and pass the time.

This could be using your phone, browsing online or watching the television. Whatever the case may be, you are not providing all of your focus to the task at hand and your performance levels are going to drop significantly as a result. You will be a lot more likely to make a mistake with a hand or a bet, as well as missing out on information that could prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to the playing patterns of your opponents.

If you want to play online poker seriously and provide a nice income for yourself, you need to act like a professional and make sure that there are no distractions present at any given time. Make sure that you build an environment for yourself where there are no distractions.


These are just a few pieces of advice when it comes to getting started in online poker and there is a lot more that you will need to know along the journey, but you need to create a solid foundation first. Don’t try to run before you can walk.

If you follow the advice provided in this article, you are going to make the transition process a lot more seamless than it otherwise would have been.

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