Choosing Reliable Online Gambling Site

Every state in America seems to allow gambling in one form or another. The gambling urge has numerous outlets. Whether it’s church bingo, buying a

online gambling

lottery ticket or placing a wager on the ponies or a sporting event, the United States is a nation that historically loves to gamble.

Extensive marketing research indicates that more than 60 percent of adult Americans gamble in one form or another. Players in America have no shortage of spots where they can place a bet; there are more land-based casinos in the United States than any other country in the world. When last tallied, more than 1500 land-based casinos were found in 48 of the 50 states

Today, recent development of innovative gaming software and mobile technology allows U.S. players instant access to thousands of Internet casinos, licensed and based in a diverse array of countries located all around the world. Players, choosing to play online, access the newest exciting games, the biggest bonuses, and enjoy the ease of gambling via their mobile phone, notebook or laptop from anywhere in the world with a connection to the worldwide web.

For players wishing to try their luck online, the selection of online casino can seem over-whelming. While the majority of online casinos are licensed in Antiqua and its sister island Barbuda, still others are headquartered in Australia, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, the West Indies and The Netherlands. With such a treasure chest of online casinos to choose from, players ask, “How do I find a reputable casino that offers the games, security and customer service that I’m looking for?”

Savvy From Seasoned Players

Beware of scammers, thieves, hustlers and con artists who seek to separate you from your funds fraudulently. Examine online reviews published in open forums by other players. Ask questions until you find a reputable online casino that inspires player confidence and meets your high expectations.

Pay attention to fraud alerts. Prudent players consider online casinos licensed in Eastern Europe with trepidation and great caution. Eastern bloc based casinos find their identity cloaked with a reputation for operating without valid licenses, questionable business practices and slow payout percentages.

The Gambling Industry Motto – Reputation Is Gold

Reputable Internet casinos proudly display an established and easily verifiable history of honest financial dealings; prompt processing of refunds and payouts, courteous customer service and a minimum of client complaints. If their site is not functioning properly, immediate technical support is offered.

Determine if the casino has been cautioned, sanctioned, reprimanded, fined, blackballed or banned for any reason. Complaints including slow payout processing, operating without a license, false or deceptive advertising, unethical business practices, confiscation of winnings or non-response to customer complaints are reasons for concern. If the casino you are considering cannot stand up to scrutiny; play elsewhere.

Enhanced Security

Players are required to provide a plethora of personal information when registering at an online gambling casino. Ask what measures are in place to ensure credit card data, private bank routing information and confidential financial data is safe and secure from hackers with fraudulent intent.

Native Language

Choose an online casino offered in your native language. Most online gambling sites are presented in English. If English is not your language of choice, a quick Goggle search will help you locate one presented in your native tongue. Player bonuses, casino rules, registration and terms of agreement can be quite confusing. Wise players review and thoroughly understand the odds of each game prior to placing a wager.

24/7 Customer Service And Support

Preferred online casinos provide 24/7 friendly customer service where players can speak to a “live” operator and communicate by phone, fax, chat or e-mail. Casino rules are prominently displayed, the casino offers online access to certified independent audits and clearly identifies the country where the casino is licensed and registered.

Perks And Bonuses

Many Internet casinos attract players with intriguing promotions including attractive sign-up bonuses. The gambling industry is very competitive; focused on profit. The majority of online casinos present bonus offers to new members as a part of their overall marketing efforts. Casinos may match a new player’s initial deposit up to a maximum stated amount. Always examine the fine print: some sites impose a high minimum wager to use up the bonus amount or bonuses are restricted to specific games you may not want to play. Scrutinize requirements necessary to activate a bonus before deciding to register or place a wager with the site.

Game Assortment

Literally hundreds of different online casino games compete for the player’s attention online. Bright lights and snappy colors are enticing. Select a site that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Before you are mesmerized by the graphics, read and review the rules. Carefully evaluate the odds. Choose an Internet casino that offers diversity and includes all your favorite games as well as the latest new games available. Many sites offer the opportunity to play free games, which allow you to familiarize yourself with the rules and rhythm of game prior to placing a wager.

Deposit Options

No doubt about it, gambling laws are confusing. It is legal for United States residents, 21 years of age or older, to gamble online, except in states where it is a felony to make a wager on the Internet. When in doubt, check the laws of your state. Despite their legal status, U.S. players sometimes encounter problems when transferring funds. The best online casinos offer an assortment of banking options. Wire transfers, bank drafts, letters of credit, debit and credit card processing, and certified check are common methods of money movement.


Make sure that when it’s time to cash out, withdrawing gaming proceeds should be simple and trouble free. All the best casinos offer to promptly deposit payments to the player’s debit or credit card or pay directly by certified check, PayPal or international bank wire transfer.

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