Beat The Odds: The Five Casino Games That Are Most Advantageous To The Player

Casinos stay in business because every single game they run has a negative expectation for the player and a positive expectation for the house over

Poker chips

time. Oportunities to beat those odds are extremely few and far between, but some games put the player at much more of a disadvantage than others. Choosing your wagers wisely can whittle the house’s advantage down to a very slim margin and enable you to at least get more playing time and comps out of your money.

Here are the five best bets you’ll find on any casino floor.

1) Live Poker

The only reliable way to remove the house edge at a casino is to take the house out of the equation, and the only place to do that is at a poker table where you’re playing against other gamblers rather than against the house. The casino still gets their cut of this action by setting minimum buy-in amounts and entry fees for tournaments that they host, but that’s often very small changed compared to what skilled and experienced players end up taking from the incompetent “fish” at the table.

The catch with playing live poker at a table is that it requires a complex skill set that takes time to develop and that relatively few people are capable of. Playing poker online can teach you what the statistically correct play is for each hand that you have, but when you get to a live table that’s only part of the equation. In addition to having mastered strategy, you also have to master reading other people’s betting patterns and body language while carefully keeping your own concealed.

If you think you’ve got the chops to play pro-level poker (or at least play well enough to fleece the drunks at the low-stakes tables), it’s best to learn Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud.

2) Sports Betting

Sports betting essentially pits the gambler’s knowledge of the sport against that of the handicappers making the lines and the other bettors. It’s the only form of gambling where each wager isn’t an isolated event and knowledge of prior events can improve the bettor’s chances of winning.

Consistent, successful sports betting requires a long history of familiarity with the sport — it really helps to have played it and to have at least been a fan since childhood. But some amazing things are also being done these days with advanced statistical analysis.

Despite all this knowledge to draw from, the vast majority of people who wager on sports lose much more than they win over the long run. Aside from sports knowledge, you’ll also need money management skills and enough discipline to not blow winnings on other casino games.

Professional sports bettors who manage to do it for a living tend to gravitate toward baseball and hockey rather than football and basketball, and college sports are especially popular among the true pros as there’s less competition with in-depth knowledge of the teams and players.

3) Bet The Pass and the Odds in Craps

Craps in general offers poor odds, but there’s one particular bet that has no house edge whatsoever. Taking “The Odds” is a form of side bet that can be taken after the point is set. The bet is simply that the point will come out before a seven does, and since it’s just one number against another, there’s an equal probability for each. It’s also appealing because it’s the only wager on this list that requires no learning or skill whatsoever. You’ll usually have to first bet the Pass line, which should be done before a player’s initial (“come out”) roll, but the house edge on that is also fairly low.

There’s a couple important things to consider when making this wager, however. If you’re playing for comps, casinos almost never give them for this wager. They also have caps on the amount you can bet, usually a specific multiple of whatever your Pass wager was.

4) Blackjack

When played with perfect strategy, blackjack gives the house only the tiniest of edges, by far the lowest of any table game. That’s only under what are known as “liberal” rules, however, which are becoming harder and harder to find.

For starters, the table has to be “full pay”, or offer a return of 3 to 2 on a blackjack. Tables are more commonly offering returns of 6 to 5 now, which ups the house edge considerably. The fewer decks there are the better the odds are for the player, as well. Other rules that favor the player are early surrender that against ten, allowing players to double on any number of cards, and allowing players to draw to split aces. Rules should either be posted on the felt of the table or on a sign nearby, and if they aren’t the dealer should be able to tell you.

5) Video Poker: Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is another game where the house edge is well under one percent when played with perfect strategy. But similar to blackjack, it involves finding the right pay table, or the amount of money returned to you with each successful hand.

Pay tables are generally read by what they return on a full house, a flush and a straight, in that order. 9/6/4 is considered “full pay”, or having the lowest house edge, and anything more than that would actually give the player a small advantage. Other types of video poker will offer higher returns than these, but they make up for it with lower returns on smaller wins, leading to better odds for the house overall. Stick to basic Jacks or Better where a pair of face cards returns your bet and two pairs doubles your money.

How become a better blackjack player


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. Even though it is known for its simple rules, it is played by experts who are able to make significant money at each sitting. You can join these more serious players, by learning some basic steps that will transform your approach to each hand. Read on to find out how blackjack is normally played in casinos and how you can become a skilled player.

The beauty of blackjack is in its simplicity. It is a game that anyone can learn, and you can turn this to your advantage by getting ahead of other players in terms of your knowledge and skill level.

Here’s how blackjack is played in casinos worldwide:

1 – Bets are placed

You decide how much you would like to bet on the next hand, and you put your chips onto the table. This signals to the blackjack dealer that you are in the game. The minimum amount you are required to join a hand varies from casino to casino; if you are a beginner it is advisable to avoid tables with opening bets higher than five or ten dollars.

2 – A card is dealt

The dealer gives a card to all of the players who have placed a bet.

3 – A card is dealt for the dealer

This is an important strategic moment in the game. The card the dealer places on the table for himself is face up, so you can instantly judge what kind of hand he is likely to have. Every player can see this first card and will be making similar judgements to you.

4 – Another card is dealt

Each player receives a second card. This is also an important moment, as it will largely dictate the kind of hand you will end up with. With this is mind, and without giving anything away to your fellow players, you must decide whether to ask for another card.

5 – Additional cards are dealt

The dealer now asks each player individually if they would like to receive more cards. If a player decides to accept another card, the dealer will ask the question again. He will keep giving cards to a player until the player indicates that he does not want any more cards. At this point the dealer moves on to the next player, and the process starts again.

6 – Additional cards are dealt for the dealer

After all players have finished receiving cards, the dealer plays his own hand. He has to deal cards until his hand has a value of 17 or more. Once this value is reached, he must stop dealing.

7 – All hands are revealed

The dealer reveals his hand and asks the players to do the same, one by one. Depending on who has won the hand, the dealer then collects the chips for the house or pays them out to the winner.

Now that you know the blackjack process, follow these

Three vital tips to increase your chance of winning:

1 – Don’t aim for 21 every hand

Blackjack is also known as 21 because the aim is to achieve a value of 21 with your cards. However, if you try to reach the top score on each hand you will decrease any statistical advantage over the dealer and the other players. The odds of reaching exactly 21 are low, but the odds of reaching a score of 17, 18, 19 or 20 are high, as there is more margin for error. A score of 18 can often win the hand, especially if the other players are always targeting 21.

2 – Aim to beat the dealer

The main advantage you have over the dealer is that you know he must stop dealing cards when he reaches a score of 17 or over. These are the rules he must abide by, unlike the players. Once you become more experienced you can use this fact to better predict the score he will achieve after revealing his first card. You know that he must take a card if his score is 16, which increases his chance of going bust by getting a score over 21.

3 – Look carefully at the dealer’s first card

Although this is discussed above, it is important to emphasise it as a separate point. If the dealer’s first card is low (with a value of 2 to 7) you should aim for a higher value in your own hand. If his hand is 8 or above he is more likely to go bust if he has to take another two cards. You may be safer sticking at a value of 16 or 17 for your own hand. This is a very general rule, and does not apply to all hands. Blackjack will always have an element of chance, and you must play each hand responsibly and with this fact in mind.

Online Gambling – Roulette

RouletteOnly a casino offering roulette is a real casino – that’s how essential an element roulette actually is when it comes to a player’s gambling experience. Yet, although it seems that a casino is missing something once roulette is not on offer, it appears that it is less played than many other online casino games. So is roulette merely a “decoration” or do gamblers actually play it?

Who are the roulette players?

The two principle online forms of roulette are American roulette and French European roulette with the difference that the American roulette wheel contains 38 numbers and the European one 37. In both versions gamblers on the number and colour the ball remain when it stops moving while the wheel spins the other way.

Since roulette is about mere luck, one might say that people playing it either aren’t that bright or simply don’t care much for winning money. But in fact, there are so many people playing roulette that there are even established websites with the sole purpose of providing a platform to discuss roulette bets. Moreover, there are a great many online places offering roulette for free.

So what’s the big deal with roulette? It seems that nowadays people are into roulette mostly because of the fun it offers for players of all ages and sorts. While some gamblers play other games more seriously, they now and divert to roulette for the easy fun it allows for. Furthermore, it can be a nice and easy way to start being active in the world of online gambling if you are a beginner. Thus, it is so popular that some people now have a version of this game at home in order to entertain themselves as well as their guests.
Russian roulette

One version of roulette vastly absent from online casinos is Russian roulette. This is not that surprising given that Russian roulette was traditionally played with the looser ending up shot dead – surely, this would not only be illegal but also rather difficult to replicate online. This said, there may be an alternative way to play Russian roulette online.

For instance, an immense sum of prize money could be offered to the winner while for betting on a wrong number, a player’s entire account could be deleted (“killed”), the money of which would then go to the roulette pot. Now, this could draw gamblers who enjoy taking risks. On the other hand, it is also probably the best way for online casinos to lose their regular players. No matter if such or an alternative idea to include Russian roulette in online casinos will eventually materialize, one thing is certain, it would sure as hell spice up things in at least that area of online casinos.

Online Gambling: Pros and Cons

online gamblingFrom a religious point of view, gambling is not exactly recommended; many countries and especially Ango-Saxon ones, base their laws on Judeo-Christian morality and thus consider gambling a taboo. Yet, why? Another view one can take is that sport is sport and since it is legitimate for entertainment to cost some bucks, why should this particular kind of entertainment be frowned upon?

In fact, on the Christian side, one would be hard pressed to find a clear biblical restriction, both in the Old or New Testament, against gambling. Yet, there are a few passages that make such an inference possible. Some examples in the New Testament clearly state money should be generated by means of work. Should that not be possible, one should turn to prayers (Eph. 4:28; IIThess. 3:12; Phil.4:6, 19). This can be interpreted as forbidding professional gambling. And what about gambling as a game? It may be argued that gambling exemplifies greed as well as covetousness, both of which are prohibited and can surely be viewed as contributing factors to the wish to gamble. Lastly, there are a several Scripture arguments stating that quick wealth leads to disasters, money gained through indecent means harms families (Prov. 15:27) and, since it is a Christian duty to set a good example, one should not get involved in potentially addictive activities.

With this in mind, the question arises why it should be problematic if players play merely for entertainment reasons?

This is where the not so clear cut Jewish response comes into play. To begin with, Jewish books state many examples issues where settled by drawing lots: So if God may be asked for answers using lots, why does that not apply to gambling? Post-biblical Jewish scripture, for instance, asserts that professional players cannot be trusted to bear witness. While that tells us that back in the day when this was written such a person might have existed, it says nothing as to whether gambling is legal or not. To be sure, the stoutest Jewish denouncement of gambling originates in the Middle Ages and from Maimonides, a great Jewish teacher. He stated that gambling among Jews was forbidden since it lead to one person taking another’s money against their wish. Nobody wants to loose and therefore he considered money taken by means of gambling as stolen. Nonetheless, some Jewish gambling traditions do exist, such as dreidle spinning on Chanukah or even raffles and lottery style fund raisers in synagogues nowadays.

So with this in mind, is, from a religious standpoint, online gambling forbidden or not? We have provided you with some necessary information to hopefully be able to make this decision on your own.

Texas Hold’em great Online Poker Game

Texas Hold emWith all the possibilities a casino offers, it can be difficult to try and play every game or select a favourite. Many people enjoy craps, since they feel in control over the dice. Others prefer blackjack, as they can make use of a good strategy, and, if one knows how to really count cards, it is possible to make quite some money. But one of the all-time favourites is definitely Texas Hold´em.

In reality, Texas Hold’em is not your usual online casino game but rather a poker game. Therefore it is often played in separate poker rooms instead of the major casino floor. While it is still all about gambling and winning money, it differs from many other online casino games. In most of them, one is up against the house. However, with Texas Hold’em, one is playing against other players, while paying merely a small portion to the house.

Moreover, Texas Hold’em is a lot about strategy. For instance, if one player is holding a pair of sixes, yet, a king and a queen are still out on the board, it is pretty clear that somebody else will have a better pair than that player and it is not that difficult to guess the cards of the other players.

Of course, the disadvantage of Texas Hold’em is then that one has to be very focused and concentrated at all times during the game. Sticking to soft drinks and possibly some caffeine certainly helps. This is different in games like slots where one doesn’t have to think whatsoever. Even the pulling of a handle on the one-armed bandits has been nowadays replaces by simply pushing a button – and in some casinos, where it is enough to just sit and watch, not even that!

So, if you enjoy to be active and playing against and outwitting difficult opponents, Texas Hold’em may be just the game for you. The best, you don’t have to be in Las Vegas to play it but can do so online from the convenience of your home – even if, in terms of excitement, it isn’t quite the same.

The Beginning Of Online Gambling

The last couple of years have seen a significant growth of the online gambling industry. With this said, however, online gambling already began with the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in 1994, which was passed by the government of Antigua Barbuda. Until today a considerable amount of online casinos function under this legislation.
In the following the highlights of online gambling history shall be described – from its early days in 1994 until the end of 2003.

Founding of Microgaming (One of the industry’s biggest software developers as well as suppliers).

Founding of Cryptologic – a company that developed software to safely process transactions

A system for online casino operations was developed by Boss Specialtidningar AB, while Microgaming focuses on the development of online casino technology. Moreover, the year marks the beginning of operations for Intercasino which asserts that it was the first internet casino that accepted actual money for wagers.

The development of Boss Casinos (transferred to Boss Media AB) is situated in Antigua Barbuda, which, as one of a few countries, sanctions online gambling.

The first online progressive jackpot slot (the so-calles Cash Splash) is introduced by Microgaming. At the same time, the US launches its Internet Gambling Prohibition Act which, however, does not pass. By now, the revenue generated by the gaming industry amunts to $834.5 million.

Australia’s 1st online casino, the Lasseter’s, comes into being and it is estimated that ca. there are about 700 online casinos.
A novel gaming software with multi-player as well as cha functionality is developed.

The Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act is passed by Australian Federal Government, making it illegal for online casinos to operate when these have not been licensed and operating prior to May 2000. Onlý Lasseter’s Online is still allowed to operate under this new legislation.
According to estimates, ca. 680,000 clients use online electronic payment systems betting on the internet.
Moreover, both Gibraltar as well as the Isle of Man start offering licenses for online sports gambling.

It is estimated that around 8 million people have set online bets with real money.
Based on a Nevada legislation, licenced online casinos can now legally operate out of the state while an online slots player wins the biggest online win until now of $414,119 at a Caribbean online casino.

The 1st online casino jackpot win of more than $1 million is announced (playing a progressive slot game at Captain Cooks Casino).

In order to control strict security guidelines for member websites, eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance) is launched.
Moreover, the US States House of Representatives passes an anti-gambling bill which makes it illegal for payment processing firms to enable online betting transactions.
Also in 2003, Chris Moneymakers wins the Poker World Series although he only played on online betting sites before the competition.
“Live Gaming” is founded. This is a real-time, video-streamed game with live dealers, enabling gamblers to play one-on-one as well as chat with the dealer.

How To Choose The Online Casino Games For You

When selecting online casino games, there is a whole range of preferences from trying a little bit of everything to having only a few favourites. To assure you select the most enjoyable games for you, there is a rather deliberate and time saving way that will prevent you from having to try the 500 or more games some websites have to offer.

First, you will have to choose whether you prefer the chance to win a lot of money, yet, with lower chances of winning sessions; or whether you prefer lower chances of winning big amounts but with higher chances to win. With regards to the former, this group will be dominated by high-volatility games such as progressive slots or scratch cards. Concerning the latter, you will find games with low volatility including non-progressive slots, blackjack, table games or video poker.

Following this choice, there’s another decision you will have to take. With regards to high-volatility titles, you will also need to decide which themes you’ll prefer to play with. The different themes of different slots play a significant role in those games. Once you know which ones you like, you will be able to make a better decision about which games you are likely to enjoy more without having to sort through hundreds of different games. This way you will get better results in much less time.

However, should you prefer games with a low volatility, your choice will be between skill-based vs. chance-based games. Both require some luck, yet games such as blackjack, casino poker or video poker are also very strategy-laden. Less skill-based are roulette, Baccarat or craps where you will have to know basics such as how to place different bets as well as avoiding wagers with a considerably higher house advantage than others, the so-calles trap bets.

Video Poker In Joyful Way

The main thing with video poker is learn how to play common scenarios with very high accuracy and a keen eye for patterns. While these make it easier to learn the strategy, some situations cannot be easily explained due to the many exceptions. Knowing these will significantly increase your chances for high payout rates.

The first and possibly most important exception comes from Jacks or Better and occurs in situations with KQJTT without flush or flush draw. Mostly, according to the rule, small pairs are preferable to open-ended straight draws. Yet, due to the strength of the high card draw, it is a mistake to keep TT for payout of 0.824x on average. For a considerable improvement, you may rather want to keep KQJT for an average win of 0.872x. Note that this is pretty much the only exception to this rule.

Secondly, and also concerning Jacks or Better with AhKhJh5h5c, the most commonly known rule is that one is always going to go for a flush draw rather than a low pair. Unlike above, there is no exceptions for this rule. However, it can cause you to overlook another significant feature of the hand. By keeping four hearts here, the average payout will be 1.340x. Conversely, you can keep the three cards to the royal flush and so generate a bigger payout of 1.387x – a considerable enhancement. This is a pretty common exception as well as a trick many online players fall for.

Lastly, and coming from Deuces Wild with the hand AsJs8s5s5h, we’d like to point to the fact that many will instantaneously think that the right thing to do is to discard the five of hearts and thus go with the flush draw. This is a great mistake. Keep in mind that all pairs have the same value in Deuces Wild as there aren’t any single pair payouts whatsoever. Here, the average worth for a pair of 5s is 0.560x, while flush draw is worth a bit less at 0.511x.

Avoid Common Video Poker Mistakes

The strategic details of video poker can make it a pretty complicated game but, in fact, most major mistakes made in this game are not due to that but rather a few basic misunderstanding with regards to the relevance of some parts of this game. This article aims to clarify these misunderstandings by laying out the prime errors made as well as a few easy ways to avoid them.

To begin with, game selection is one of the most common major mistakes. With over 20 types of video poker offered by some online casinos, a player can be tempted to pick those that are perceived as most interesting at the given moment. This is a mistake and more research into the game’s payout rates should be conducted to narrow down the list of what games really are the most attractive ones. This will still leave a large enough selection of games, while keeping you from playing games with bad payouts and, ultimately, saving you a decent amount of money.

Secondly, often video poker players focus on complicated games, such as Deuces or Joker wild, rather than those that are easily learned. Of course, that may be just the thing you are looking for. However, if you are rather in for some video poker to making some solid profits, then you should focus on online poker games that allow for an easier way to play effective strategies. So maybe avoid playing wild card games for now with the exception of standard kings or better yet, Joker Poker.

Third and last, a common and unnecessary mistake is to play a game with less than five coins. It is understandable that you may not wish to play for $5 per hand. However, in this case we advise you to move to alternative machines where you can use smaller coins. This way you will receive a significantly higher payout rate, while maximizing your winning chances.

3 Common Mistakes Of Online Blackjack Players

Online blackjack is characterized by its 2 main levels – the beginners’ level, the intermediate one and then the advanced level. With regards to the first, online casino players familiarize themselves with the general ideas of the game. On the intermediate level, more complicated ideas, for example with regards to weak and strong dealer cards, as well as some basic strategy will be learned. Finally, and concerning the advanced level, all rules and exceptions are learned and perfected. Note that while proceeding from the intermediate to the advanced level, you will have to unlearn a few previously acquired strong habits and, particularly, the following three:

If you are an intermediate online casino player, the first and foremost habit you will have to unlearn is the assumption that all weak dealer cards are equal. Starting from the weakest, those dealer cards are 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Mind you, 2 and 7 cards differ only minimally from each other with regards to the dealer’s odds of being busted. Indeed, many times the actions you will take a 2 vs. the remainder of the weak cards, will be profoundly different. To exemplify, take a hard 12 where you hit against a 2 while standing with a 3-6 whereas, in the case of a 13, you would equally stand with 2-6.

The second common error of online gamblers is to surrender too often. In fact, in most blackjack games merely two or three situations justify surrender and with an average occurrence of once or twice per session, this doesn’t happen all that often. Surrendering too frequently results in giving away significantly more value than in the adverse case since not surrendering when necessary is a minor mistake compared to surrendering a hand when you really should not. The latter is usually considered a much bigger mistake.

Lastly, even strong intermediate online casino gamblers make the mistake of not adjusting to the particular rules of the blackjack variation that is being played. When playing a new variant, a player needs to previously familiarize him– or herself with any potential changes to the rules for the game so as to being able to conduct any necessary strategic adjustments. Blackjack games vary and already small differences in the rules can result in considerable changes as to what constitutes the most appropriate strategy.